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Agungi Project

It was our utmost pleasure to breathe new life into this 4-bedroom home through our extensive design and renovation of the property. The contemporary design style that runs through all the spaces, modernizes the somewhat dated architecture, and brings the home to the present. To the delight of our clients, we nailed every space! We welcome you to look through!

KED- Agungi Living room 2.jpg
KED- Agungi Living room 4.jpg
KED- Agungi Living room 7.jpg
KED- Agungi Guest room 1.jpg
KED- Agungi Guest room 3.jpg
KED- Agungi Guest room 12.jpg
KED- Agungi Guest room 15.jpg
KED- Agungi Living room 14.jpg
KED- Agungi Visitors 1.jpg
Kay Elan Design-Agungi-Boy-1.jpg
Kay Elan Design_Agungi_Boy_3.jpg
Kay Elan Design_Agungi_Boy_5.jpg
Kay Elan Designs_Agungi_Girl_6.jpg
Kay Elan Designs_Agungi_Girl_3.jpg
Kay Elan Designs_Agungi_Girl_9.jpg
Kay Elan Designs_Agungi_Girl_12.jpg
Kay Elan Designs_Agungi_Children_Bath_1.jpg
Kay Elan_Designs_Agungi_Childrens_Bath_4.jpg
Kay Elan Designs_Agungi_Childrens_Bath_6.jpg



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