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Project Y2

An overall aesthetic of simplicity and geometric concepts are the stand-out features in our renovation of this office space in Isolo. Our work transformed the bare and flat space into a befitting office where function and thoughtful style meet compatibly.

Kay_Elan_Design_Isolo_Project 6.jpg
Kay_Elan_Design_Isolo_Project 07.jpg
Kay_Elan_Design_Isolo_Project 08.jpg
Kay_Elan_Design_Isolo_Project 09.jpg
Kay_Elan_Design_Isolo_Project 09b.jpg
Kay_Elan_Design_Isolo_Project 012.jpg
Kay_Elan_Design_Isolo_Project 011.jpg
Kay_Elan_Design_Isolo_Project 010.jpg
Kay_Elan_Design_Isolo_Project 013.jpg
Kay_Elan_Design_Isolo_Project 014.jpg
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