Why Should I Hire an Interior Designer?

Interior Designers are professionals who by training and experience are in the best position to advise on how a space should look and function, based on a client's needs and behavioural patterns. A good interior designer correctly interprets your needs, insists on quality, sweats the details, and ensures spaces that are cohesively designed. Interior designers are also in the best position to communicate and work with other professionals like architects, structural engineers and building contractors to bring design goals to reality.

Hiring an Interior Designer saves you the time and stress of procuring furnishings and fixtures for your design project. They are also effective at co-ordinating artisans and vendors to deliver quality on your project. Interior designers are creative visionaries, problem solvers, technical advisors, project managers and interior decorators all rolled into one. Here at Kay Élan Design, you get the whole package!

When Should I hire an Interior Designer?

There is probably no right time to hire an interior designer. There are however certain instances when hiring an interior designer would be a smart decision. They include:
  • Moving to, or building a new space;
  • Changing or sprucing up the style and look of your current space;
  • Changing the function of an interior space (E.g.: converting a garage to a home office, or a guest bedroom to a nursery);
  • Renovation of interior spaces;
If your needs fall into any of these categories, or you simply have a space design problem that needs solving, contact us today.

How do you charge for your services?

At Kay Élan Design, depending on the service you require and scope of your project, we either charge you a flat fee or a percentage of the total costs incurred on the project. A token consultation fee is accepted as an initial retainer for our design services. This consultation fee is refundable upon our formal engagement on your project, by signing our Design Services Agreement. We expressly let you know and discuss how you will be charged before you sign a Design Services Contract with us. Our fees are commensurate with your budget, and the amount of time and expertise we will be investing in your project. Reach us today and see for yourself that our fees do not break the bank!

What type of projects do you do?

At Kay Élan Design, we have expertise in the design of residential projects (homes), commercial projects (retail stores and restaurants), hospitality projects (hotels and guest houses), and corporate projects (offices). If your project falls within these categories, we are the experts to call.

What is a typical interior design process like?

In reality, there is no one-size-fits-all design process as projects differ greatly in many ways. However, a typical project will begin with an on-site consultation where we will meet with you and take inventory of the space(s) to be designed. In that 1 to 2 hour meeting, we will determine your expectations for the project, and give you initial ideas to get you excited about your project, and enable you determine that we are right for the job.

From then on, it is our responsibility to provide you with everything that will give you a clear picture of your proposed space design. For instance, some projects require 3D renderings while others may not. At Kay Élan Design, we focus on providing our clients with our bespoke "Elan" experience that ensures that clients only get services and processes that are necessary to achieve their design expectations and avoid unnecessary costs or delays.

Can I use my existing Furnishings?

You certainly can. Not all interior design projects require gutting out your entire space. As long as your existing furnishings will work well with your new requirements for the space, we can creatively integrate what you have in the new design of your space.

Ready to take the next step towards your dream space?